No?! And you didn't know that by buying a style from LES VISIONNAIRES you are already supporting the fashion cycle - in other words, you are shopping for visionary circular collections?! Don't worry, we'll explain to you what's behind it and why it's so important to us.

All of our designs are created with the idea of ​​circular fashion in mind - that means: LES VISIONNAIRES manufactures bags and accessories in such a way that the amount of waste that is produced during production and during the rest of the life cycle is reduced. Sounds confusing - but it's quite simple if you stick to the following:

RECYCLING BABY! For example, for our lining, i.e. the inner lining of your styles, we use a material that consists of 50% recycled fabrics. And even when we are looking for new raw materials, these are must-haves for our sourcing team.

NO WASTE! Through intelligent cuts, we reduce waste wherever possible - and if there is anything left over, we simply use it to make another product - such as the keyrings in our current collection.

LONG LIVE THE BAG! In addition to the longevity of our materials, the design talents at LES VISIONNAIRES are always faced with the challenge of designing great styles that can be combined in new ways and are versatile.

A clutch that is just as cool and practical during the day as it is in the evening? A hobo that goes with both casual summer dresses and chic sneakers? A tote that can also be worn crossbody? Isn't possible, doesn't exist...

AND THE CYCLE DOES NOT STOP HERE... It even continues with you! Help keep this cycle moving.

SHOP CONSCIOUSLY: Ask yourself the questions - do I really need these jeans? Don't I already have a similar accessory? Does the dress have the potential to become my favourite? If you answered no to even one of these questions, let it be and rather shop for a high-quality piece that will blow your mind.  

2ND CHANCE: Let's be honest, everyone deserves a second chance. Your bag too! Be it a torn inner lining or worn edges, a hole - no problem, it can be repaired (we can too...). So be so fair and keep your fashion pieces alive.

DONATE: Out of trend? Not your taste anymore? Not hip anymore? For many, that means in the trash or in the farthest corner of the closet! But have you ever thought about making someone else happy and donating? It also feels great – for everyone and of course creates space for something new.

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